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Science and Art Twilight at The Royal Society of Chemistry [Event]

Last Friday we had the honour of exhibiting at ‘Science and Art Twilight’ at Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in Burlington House alongside some stand-out organisations such as the National Gallery, the Royal Astronomical Society, Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology, Royal Veterinary College, King's College London, Royal Institution, Institute of Physics, Royal Veterinary College, University of Kent, Discovery Planet and many more.

This event was a huge success as it brought together a diverse range of scientists, educators and interdisciplinary artists. We drew in a good crowd as we had an enormous screen where were we were able to showcase a larger selection of the glass artwork. We hoped that our exhibition would enable visitors to get excited about the concept of ‘complexity’. It also helped that we ran a competition to win a Limited Edition print of ‘Complexity 1’ - winner to be announced next week.

We were delighted that the event attracted a number of like-minded people who understood so many aspects of complexity within their disciplines, and it was incredible how the majority were fascinated at how natural algorithms of complexity (which are normally modelled by simple or complex computer programs) can be created in real life, and can be presented in works of art!

However the first questions people ask is always: How is it made? How does it happen? One day I hope, people will also ask the more important question of why..? Maybe you can ask us at our next event. We’ll keep you posted about when and where!

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