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About Me

I was born in 1971 and graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 1993.  I always knew I wanted to be an artist from a very young age. My insight for science and art began early on in life. Looking at the world from this holistic perspective meant that I started to question the way I view art. 


I saw the world as an entity that was interlinked. I identified with the Renaissance artists who brought together art, science and culture to make major leaps in humanity.  I was determined to find a way in which I could use my hands to depict the natural algorithms that I believe shape our world. So I began mastering my own painting techniques, and 25 years later and through my collaboration with Adam Timlett, I saw how the mathematics of the future would be linked to the arts as in the past.

My unique style became instantly recognisable by scientists as examples of ‘complexity’, conveying the central idea of 'systems theory' that ‘nothing exists on its own’.  By painting the complexity of nature; I provide the viewer with a feeling of connection to the world around us.


Complexity has led to countless hours of work carrying out in-depth observation of nature, deepening my fascination and driving me to explore further the patterns that make up our world and being.

I am fascinated by the concept of ‘self-similarity’ in which patterns exist within self-similar  patterns that can be found in trees, leaves, and also distribution systems of society (postal, road and internet networks and financial trading algorithms), right through to our very own inner workings such as the respiratory system, our veins, the workings of the retina, kidneys, blood vessels and the nervous system.  My observations suggest that fundamentally, all of these structures and systems have similar dynamic forces at work.

My paintings help the viewer to engage emotionally with their own private or intuitive understanding of complex aspects of nature and phenomena. In turn, this helps to understand the ideas behind the higher maths and complex networks.

I also raise the question within the viewer, ‘So where do I fit in within these dynamic networks or structures, and what are these structures that I am made of?’  Both the artist and the viewer are left understanding that we are interlinked in so many different ways.

I work in collaboration with Adam Timlett, a History graduate from Trinity College, Oxford with a lifelong interest in cognitive science, and the science and philosophy of ‘complexity’.

He has worked in the IT sector since 1999 but is also a Philosophy M(Res) graduate from the University of East Anglia specialising in philosophy of psychological science.

Alongside his day job, Adam also works as an independent researcher in reasoning about complexity, practical reasoning, and reasoning about innovation and novelty. His latest paper is forthcoming in Mind-Brain Studies at Springer Nature.

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