La Familia Series

‘La Familia’ is a direct translation from Spanish meaning ‘The family’. It also relies on the relation to the homonym the ‘familiar’ relating to the structures that work in the eye, to the brain, to blood vessels and the bloodline.  This 'self-similarity' reaches right down to the mapped route of travel that my forefathers had to make to meet their eventual spouse throughout each of their independent journeys, meeting in a specific point in time. If you drew their independent journeys, the lines would look very similar to all the bifurcated structures common in complexity science, that can be seen in these paintings.

In this series, I also reference a huge variety of structures across time as well as space, as well as biological and physical entities working together in their own unique harmony, including the structure of the brain, the structure of genealogy, (the blood line). In addition to this, I am interested in the relationship to the portraiture of the past.

I have so much more to achieve within this series, these works are currently underway and will require a significant amount of time to get right. I am really enjoying the direction they are going in and will not set a time limit for completion as they are becoming more involved as they progress.  All I can promise is that they will be very special to me and I hope the viewer enjoys them too. ​