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A door to Oceans Valley

A door to Oceans Valley

I was intently looking at some satellite photographs and noticed some very interesting traits of other photographs and observations I was seeing. The patterns reminded me of snow covered trees and swathes of mountainous land in the satellite photographs. I kept both of those in mind a s I worked on the piece. I considered it a gateway to marrying the horizontal to the vertical in shapes that were important to me in the way all of the forms were working. In both the mountainous landscape and the landscape of the forest I could see how much water played its part in the growth of the trees and shape of the mountainous regeion. That’s why I wanted this title. A door to oceans valley.


    Size: 81cm x 226 cm

    Date: 2014

    Medium: Metal dust on glass with lacquer


    To purchase this artwork please get in touch with Giselle on 07779 787424 or by email or by completing an enquiry form.


    Packing & Shipping costs on application

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