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Changing Tides

Changing Tides

I had different physical forces at play in this work here,  I wanted to juxtapose the process  and then to control the flow from a slight flow on the right panel to a more aggressive flood to the left panel. It has a different process, but  I still keep hold of the natural elements of how the material operates at differing ends of my method. Both bleed out in different but similar ways. The right panel creates a sedimentary bifurcation in bleed out. It has a calm way of fading out which is in contrast to the left panel which is flooded out.


    Size: 227cm x 82 cm

    Date: 2012

    Medium: Metal dust on glass with lacquer


    To purchase this artwork please get in touch with Giselle on 07779 787424 or by email or by completing an enquiry form.


    Packing & Shipping costs on application

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