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Pendeen sands

Pendeen sands

I travelled for miles following a conversation I had with a total stranger who told me about Pendeen Sands. We talked about my interests and art practice and he was someone who understood me and what I was interested in. He knew I would like it and told me how to get there.  As we parted ways I asked people at various stages of the journey as I travelled to the beach.


I found a phenomena at the beach which continuously re-writes complexity in the sand every time the tide goes out. It is fed by water running of the hills above and the geological factors of the area. You could go every day and find similar patterns occurring but they would never be exactly the same.


    Date: 2016

    Material: Ink on paper


    Print available in the following sizes:

    A0 - £810.00

    A1 - £460.00

    A2 - £335.00

    A3 - £235.00


    All prints come unframed. If you would like to have yours framed please contact us directly on 07779787424.  Our framing options are extremely afforable.

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