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Complexity I
  • Complexity I

    Complexity I depicts complexity ‘self-referential’ behaviour, which is when the intricate details of the metal dust emerge on the sheet of glass, so the same structures can be seen whether under the microscope or the naked eye. The uniformed patterns are depictions of patterns within patterns and structures, they may be different structures but yet they are still similar. In the same way capillaries turn into larger blood vessels or streams turn into rivers. That is our nature; it is all the paths we take together to interconnect with the world that surrounds us.


      This is a limited edition print of a run of 250

      Material: Ink on paper


      Print available in the following sizes:

      A0 - £860.00

      A1 - £510.00

      A2 - £385.00

      A3 - £285.00


      All prints come unframed. If you would like to have yours framed please contact us directly on 07779787424.  Our framing options are extremely afforable.

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