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The River Bank

The River Bank

Creating this piece I was responding to intersections of natural complexity that exist on different scales. A river will naturally follow its path governed by its own larger scales of complexity and an exposed bank of roots features rules of its own that intertwine with those of larger scales. It is an emotionally led piece for me as it evokes the mist and damp of a British river bank in winter. It depicts roots that have eroded in the bank of a river created with the rivers own fluid dynamics. It remains  a cold meditative piece that still has raw beauty.


    Size: 100cm x 118cm

    Date: 2012 

    Medium: Metal dust on glass with lacquer


    To purchase this artwork please get in touch with Giselle on 07779 787424 or by email or by completing an enquiry form.


    Packing & Shipping costs on application

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